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  • A free repository of knowledge
  • Do not infringe copyright
  • But contributions are the life blood of the site
  • And editing is quite simple



  • The ethos behind Ganfyd is that is a free repository for the vast amount of knowledge that doctors carry around in their heads
  • We broadly limit the ability to edit to Registered Medical Practitioners, but of course registered medical practitioners span a wide spectrum of opinion so we hope we have some of the strengths without some of the weaknesses of say Wikipedia.
  • Once your registration is accepted you can create or edit any article. Such registration should be very painless for those with a doctors email address.
  • We wish original contributions that do not infringe copyright. So please do not copy material verbatum from other sources where such infringement could be claimed.
  • Your latest case presentation summary of the literature might be just what Ganfyd is about.


  • Text can be entered with only a few markup symbols needed to get a good looking article. You can cut and paste say from a wonderful powerpoint presentation.
  • Generally you should try to summarise knowledge. We welcome references (using pubmed especially) so others can delve deeper.

Key Mark Up


  • use equal signs on a new line vis:
    • ==Major Heading==
    • ===Minor Heading===


  • use:
    • Asterix at beginning of a new line, indenting with extra asterix's **Asterix at beginning of a new line,...
    1. And you can number by using hash. *#And you can number by using hash....


  • Square brackets to enclose: [Quick start] is this link: Quick start with the space after the URL indicating where the link text starts
  • Double square brackets is internal syntax[[Help:Quick start|Quick start]] is this link:Quick start with the pipe symbol separating the text displayed.


  • Use the preview button before publication to pick up typos etc.
  • Don't have spaces at beginning of lines (This will actually create a special type of display box)
  • If you get strange characters, this is usually due to cutting and pasting from other sources or a strange key board mapping
  • Goto Help:Contribute for fuller details.
  • Copyright (from say Wikipedia) can be acknowledged in edited text by using the HTML comment string <!-- This is a copyright comment-->


  • Please visit Help:Template to see housestyle templates such as:
    • {{KeyPointsBox|PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE}}
    • {{WarningBox|PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE}}
    • {{InterestBox|PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE}}
    • {{QuotationBox|QUOTATION|ORIGINATOR}}
  • There are also copyright templates on the same page.


  • Please visit Help:Citations for full details
  • The preferred house syntax is <ref>[[pubmed:refno|Reference details]]</ref>
  • And if you insert such a reference where it occurs in the text it is indexed automatically in footnote style. At the end of the page type {{refsec}} and your references are displayed.