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Incineration of waste has been alleged to cause various adverse health consequences.

External links

  • The Health Protection Agency’s Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division homepage
  • Health Protection Agency documents relevant to incineration are available via this page. Relevant documents include:
  • Summary statement regarding the seminar Managing the Implications for the Health Consultee held in Birmingham on 4 March: "Incineration sector: managing the implications for the health consultee".
  • "Municipal Solid Waste Incineration: Position Statement November". (or via this page).
  • The Health Protection Agency also responded to a report by the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM). The BSEM report and responses to it are available via this page. Relevant documents include:
  • "The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators: A report moderated by J Thompson and HM Anthony".
  • HPA response to Thompson and Anthony report.