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please add names in alphabetical surname order - is this a good idea ??


What do I write? Mr. R A Millard? I don't want anyone to think I'm a surgeon. Rupert 00:43, 13 January (CET)

Good idea, Declan. Personally, I'd prefer to include first names, unless your keen to hide your identity (which might be legitimate). We could skip the honorifics if it's a problem for people like Rupert - after all, apart from a few people with special status, we'll all be medical practitioners or medical students; and if we have links to our user page as I've done, people can find whatever details about us we're willing to post. --Penglish 09:49, 13 January (CET)

Pretentious ? moi ? I can happily lose the doc and be declan. Might say who I am after. How is that ? Dokane 12:42, 14 January (CET)

I like it! It's good to have an idea who the other contributors are. Thanks for adding a bit more detail, Declan and others. --Penglish 22:29, 14 January (CET)

I don't think this list will be updated very much. We would be better off explaining a bit more about ourselves, and then having a link to the Special:Listusers page as above. What do you reckon? --A.l.brown 14:30, 8 February (CET)

I think custom and practice and observed behaviour indicates that we should use and expect users to use their user pages to give such details. Midgley 14:37, 8 February (CET)
I'll snip it then. --A.l.brown 15:41, 8 February (CET)