Health protection

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A branch of Public Health which is chiefly concerned with protection from harm from communicable diseases and non-infectious environmental hazards, such as toxins and radiation.

Arrangements differ across UK administrations.

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In England, many health protection practitioners are employed by Public Health England. The health protection team responsible for a particular postcode can be found here.

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(Information re arrangements since 1 April required)

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In England & Wales Previous arrangements. Until 1 April many health protection practitioners in England & Wales were employed by the Health Protection Agency.

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For information about health protection in Scotland see Health Protection Scotland

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For information about health protection in Northern Ireland see Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre Northern Ireland

A few other selected health protection centres follow.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

- United States of America

Also the Robert Koch Institut in Germany and the Institut de Veille Sanitaire in France. The Public Health Alliance may provide more links.