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The Ganfyd copyright licence and policy restricts the right and ability to edit the material from and on this site (with certain exceptions) to Registered medical practitioners. These are medical doctors with a medical degree registered as medical practitioners in the country they practise in by the statutory registration authority of that country.

(Note that some regulations and legislation refers to a registered medical practitioner as an RMP. Do not confuse this sort of RMP with this sort of RMP or the RCMP.)



Flag of Australia.png

In Australia, there is a separate medical board for each state and territory. Doctors must be registered with one or more medical boards, however they may only practise in the jurisdiction of the state or territory they are registered in. Not all have searchable online databases of registered practitioners.

  • Australian Medical Council boards listing
  • Medical Board of South Australia
  • Medical Board of the Northern Territory
  • Medical Board of Queensland
  • New South Wales Medical Board
  • Medical Board of Victoria
  • Medical Board of Western Australia
  • Medical Council of Tasmania


Flag of Canada.png

in Canada, the good standing of a doctor can be determined from a College of Physicians from the province or territory in which they work, for example the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia


Flag of Ireland.png

In the Republic of Ireland there is a single register maintained by the Medical Council

  • You can search the register

New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand.png

In New Zealand there is a single register maintained by the Medical Council of New Zealand

  • You can search the register


Flag of the United Kingdom.png

In the United Kingdom there is a single register maintained by the General Medical Council (GMC)

  • You can search the register
  • Note that there's no legal protection of the title "doctor" - if there were most of us (those without a PhD, MD, DPhil, or similar) would probably not be entitled to call ourselves "doctor". The title that is protected in the UK is "registered medical practitioner".
  • The relevant Act of Parliament is the Medical Act 1983

Qualification and this Medipedia

The intention of this project is to produce a collection of information which is qualified by having come from and been edited only by professionals in the practice of medicine.

This restriction is extended for material in this source wiki slightly by the
inclusion of a number of domain experts who are not registered medical practitioners
but who bring their special expertise to it. 
The copyright licence conditions of the material of this Wiki are twofold:-
Firstly material is available to anyone under one of the Creative Commons licences, 
which allows copying and redistribution with attribution to here, but no alteration
and only for non-commercial uses.
Secondly the same material is available under our own licence conditions 
which permit any registered medical practitioner in the countries listed to edit it,
in addition to the rights they share with everyone, as above. 
None of this prevents separate arrangements to obtain a licence from 
the copyright holders - the board of the project - or the owners of the copyright 
of all contributions to an individual article.  
We hope that a specific CC licence might one day be developed to do all this in one paragraph.